Pantea Lagerlöf

Marketing Manager

+46 (0) 76 110 09 36

Pantea holds the creative strings for Rosewood, being involved from sketch to sale. She is responsible for marketing, PR, material selection, visualisation and production. Pantea has 15 years’ experience in marketing, sales and purchasing. She has previously held senior executive positions for several businesses with a primary focus on consumer products.

Anders Söderlund

Technology Manager

+46 (0) 70 - 296 52 68

Anders has held leading positions in project management of new production and Rotprojekt.

Angelina Milic


Angelina has worked in finance and administration for over 10 years. She has previously been active as a buyer and has started up companies in Sweden and abroad.

Thomas Henriksen

Finance Manager

Thomas comes from a Norwegian industrial family and has worked as an entrepreneur and investor for over 15 years in Norway. He has long experience from his own companies and property development. Thomas contributes with organisational work, including consultancy in financial matters, and property development and construction.

Anders Aspegren

Group Chairman

Anders is a lawyer and partner of the law firm Fylgia. He has worked at Fylgia since 1988 and specialises in stock market law, company law, company transfers, IT rights, corporate reconstructions, bankruptcies and insolvency law. Anders Aspegren does not currently own, directly or indirectly, any shares in Rosewood Development.

Hans Richt

Property Developer

073 433 44 03

Hans-Åke is Rosewood’s expert in industrial construction. His extensive experience in both property development and construction enables Rosewood to determine the viability of a project at an early stage. Since 1991, Hans-Åke has held leading positions in the Swedish market and the international construction sector, and in business development, company management and project management.