Property development

Property development is about creating value. For us at Rosewood Group, this involves developing entire urban areas with everything from homes and commercial sites to functional offices. We understand that the key to vibrant urban areas is an ever-present comprehensive perspective even at the planning stage. This is why we are careful to include community functions such as elderly care, schools and day nurseries in the areas we develop. It also means that we ensure diversity in the homes we produce, both in terms of size and form of tenure, so that we can offer two different types of entry into the housing market. Rosewood focuses particularly on rental and owner-occupied in the size categories one, two and functional three – apartments that also give young people a chance to take their first step into the housing market or to upgrade their accommodation from a one for the first time.

We want to be involved from concept to reality. We are therefore very likely to be involved in a project as early as possible, in an area or on land that is undeveloped and which does not yet have a local development plan. Then we get started on what we do best, namely drawing up a local development plan in close cooperation with the municipality and neighbours, where we create our own building rights. This means that we have great opportunities to influence the design proposals.

At Rosewood, we are strongly result-oriented, which requires us to be active. We ensure that we are part of all processes aimed at creating active mixed towns and cities with a high degree of environmentally-friendly thinking. We want to raise the quality of life for as many people as possible.

Rosewood’s property development has close interaction with the two other main areas: construction, and design and architecture, where we have project manager control and the owners are also partners in the companies we cooperate with. As we require our suppliers to maintain a high standard, we make quality and delivery times our main priority rather than price alone. As a group that is part of the same group where we have both management meetings and board meetings, we have the advantage of being able to identify problems early and work with fast decision-making.

Working at Rosewood, we are driven by a strong desire to create something bigger than ourselves.