Design and architecture

At Rosewood, we focus on design and architecture. By bringing onboard international expertise and influences from around the world, the vision is to be at the forefront in terms of design. This is something we think is missing in Sweden’s current property world, and we want to change that. Function and economy do not need to have a detrimental effect on design and architecture. Our goal is for Rosewood to be synonymous with both beauty and functionality.

The homes we build are homes people will want to occupy, live in and use. Like so much else, residential consumption currently rests on the same, largely emotional, basis of rapid satisfaction. It is therefore important to create homes that make people feel good.

As a developer of entire districts, we are not only able to influence the design of an individual building, but also what an entire area looks like. With such great responsibility for the appearance of an entire district, we understand the importance of keen commitment and interest in design and architecture as well as broad expertise in the area. We work to create uniform areas in aesthetic harmony. This also provides more future-proof design. Our goal is to implement design and function that goes beyond that in a traditional sector.

Sweden is a large country where design preferences and needs differ from north to south and in between. It is important to know the municipality in which you are building in order to achieve the right design in the right environment. Close cooperation with the municipalities in which we are building is therefore one of our major assets, also in the design area. We get to know the municipality and find out the dreams and preferences of people in this place.

But in the end, we are all people with more similarities than differences. Really good design is a unifyinf factor. We usually ask ourselves and our employees in all areas and levels the following: Could I envisage living in this home we are producing? If the answer is yes, it goes into production.