We want to be one of Scandinavia’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of industrial construction. Rather than confining ourselves to wood and steel, currently the most common solution, we are also investing in innovation using mixed technology. As a construction management company with a global network of contacts, we coordinate and procure all subcontractors, ranging from excavation work and project management consultants to house suppliers and architects.

As there are few other companies that possess the same knowledge and experience in the area, we have a unique advantage. With the same owner, a contractor can already be involved at a very early stage and find the best solutions from the beginning, working with developers and architects. This means we can control both the economy and the time axis from start to finish, and determine a project’s viability early on. We have the greatest possible control as we own the technology. Having control at as many stages as possible reduces the risks.

At present, we are focusing strongly on taking industrial construction to the next level so that we can find greater flexibility in terms of what is possible. There are great advantages in building under the controlled forms that industrial construction requires. Everything is produced in a factory, assembled by experienced fitters in a dry environment that allows higher quality control. The system must meet environmental requirements, but our aim is obviously to go even further. Industrial construction also has major environmental benefits. There is up to 90 per cent less waste and discarded material when building in a factory than at ordinary construction sites.

We want to remain at the forefront, which is why we are focusing on innovation and development on the technical site.