Our vision is to help reduce the housing shortage in Sweden by creating modern homes and vibrant urban landscapes.

Welcome to Rosewood Group

Rosewood Group works in three main business areas: property development, construction, and design and architecture. We care about the quality of our projects, which is why we have in-house specialist expertise in all these three areas and Rosewood’s owners are ideal partners of our suppliers in order to ensure quality. At Rosewood, we have brought ownership expertise from Norway, where the founders have sector experience dating back to the 90s.

We do not just focus on purchasing building rights. Our participation throughout the process sets us apart from the rest and our employees are our greatest resource and asset. We focus on competence and engagement, which is reflected in a tight group, all who work around Rosewood work in a flat structure hierarchy. This means all twenty, employees, the board and consultant know their roles well, meaning it saves time and money, which is the key to success.

After following the Swedish market from the other side of the Norwegian border for a number of years, we decided to form our first company here in 2014. During the first year, we travelled around the country getting to know Sweden properly. We must have travelled 100,000 kilometres before we made our first investment. Since then, we have grown by leaps and bounds. We are already on ten projects and a total fully developed property value of SEK 3 billion – but that is just the beginning.

The driving force is creating homes and residential areas where people are happy. We do this by also taking into consideration soft values and by working with technology and methods at the forefront, such as industrial building and construction elements made of wood and steel. By producing in clean, dry indoor environments, we can maintain a higher level of quality and production rate than when building on a site exposed to weather and wind. The process of completing housing must be fast and cost-effective. It is also about not paying money for too long – the faster the realisation of the project, the better for the economy. At the same time, we work on using good design and architecture to create harmonious homes where people want to live.

Join us on our journey towards a more beautiful and smarter Sweden!

Property development

Property development is about creating value. For us at Rosewood Group, this involves developing entire urban areas with everything from homes and commercial sites to functional offices.

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We want to be one of Scandinavia’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of industrial construction. Rather than confining ourselves to wood and steel, currently the most common solution, we are also investing in innovation using mixed technology.

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Design and architecture

At Rosewood, we focus on design and architecture. By bringing on board international expertise and influences from around the world, the vision is to be at the forefront in terms of design.

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Working at Rosewood, we are driven by a strong desire to create something bigger than ourselves.